Weetabix suggests serving them with baked beans and people fully lost it

Weetabix suggests serving them with baked beans and people fully lost it

Weetabix adverts have always boasted of the versatile nature of the breakfast cereal.

From yogurt and fruit, to hot milk and honey, to a sprinkle of sugar, almost anything seems to work as a topping. Almost anything.

But Weetabix itself has managed to spark international outcry after it posted its own serving suggestion on social media, which was quickly labelled such things as “the worst food I have ever seen with my eyes” and a “f***ing monstrosity”.

It took just one picture to send British Twitter into full-scale meltdown, as the official Weetabix account shared a snap of two Weetabix laying side-by-side on a plate, topped with baked beans.

The photo was captioned: “Why should bread have all the fun, when there’s Weetabix? Serving up @HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist.”

And it’s fair to say the response was overwhelmingly negative, as one person replied to say: “I would highly recommend you sack your marketing team at once and then spend a little more time on the recruitment process than you did previously. I love both products, but this looks f***ing disgusting.”

A second wrote: “You’ve done this intentionally to anger an entire nation, haven’t you?”

A third said: “People use the phrase ‘that’s nasty’ too often these days but I truly mean it when I say that’s the biggest f***ing monstrosity I’ve ever seen.”

And someone else added: “Literally no one said bread had all the fun.”

Other brands were even concerned about what was going on over at Weetabix HQ, as Lidl commented: “Babe are u ok? You’ve hardly touched your Weetabix and beans!”

Innocent Drinks said: “Even we wouldn’t do this. We’re not monsters,” and Birds Eye replied: “We’ll stick to potato waffles.”

Weetabix confirmed the beans should be heated up first rather than being served cold, and Heinz joined in to add to the mayhem, suggesting: “Toast the Weetabix, thin spread of butter and a big helping of Heinz Beanz. How do you have your Bix?”

But not everyone was against the idea, or threatened to call the police, as one said: “Could work, it would just be like a thicker, crunchier toast.”

And another ended everything by advising: “Could be improved with a spread of Marmite prior to the beans.”