Mum preps six dinners for the week in 15 minutes with ‘awesome’ time-saving hack

Mum preps six dinners for the week in 15 minutes with ‘awesome’ time-saving hack

After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner.

So a savvy mum has revealed how she cut down the amount of time she was spending prepping her family’s dinners every evening.

She shared the time-saving idea on Facebook where she was quickly inundated with praise from other parents.

The unnamed Australian woman explained that she spends 15 minutes on a Sunday preparing all of the dishes for the week ahead, and that’s it.

She chops up all the vegetables she needs for each meal – which she decides in advance – before bagging them up and labelling them.

Then, she puts the clearly labelled ziplock bags into the freezer so she can get to cooking straight away – no time-consuming prep needed.

In a picture she shared, she showed the six different meals she prepped, which include chicken laksa, stir fry, the vegetables for spaghetti carbonara, chow mein and spaghetti.

According to The Sun her Facebook post read: “15 minutes in the kitchen chopping up veggies. Into zip-lock bags and into the freezer.

“Quick defrost and into the frying pan. Convenient for those weekday meals!”

Since being posted, the status has been liked thousands of times by people who were both shocked and impressed that the meals were so quick to make.

“Wow, this is an awesome idea! Especially when it gets to the end of the week and you have to rush to use the veggies before they start going bad!” one wrote.

Many thought it was a good way to avoid food waste since she prepared the exact amount of food that she needed.

But a couple of people were unsure whether the veg would keep well, particularly the mushrooms, which had the poster admit that they can be a little soggy – but she doesn’t mind them like that.