Since Target Decided We Need To Dress Ugly…’ Woman Has Hilarious Photo Shoot In New Target Dress

Since Target Decided We Need To Dress Ugly…’ Woman Has Hilarious Photo Shoot In New Target Dress

Women all over the country are poking fun at the latest fashion trend to hit Target’s shelves.

Lesley Butterfield, from Roanoke, Virginia, decided to do a hilarious photo shoot in one of Target’s new dresses. Her son took the photos and also helped her with the captions.

“Since Target has decided we all need a dress as ugly as homemade sin while we suffer amidst the pandemic, I reckon I would join this movement with the rest of the womens, down home on the range,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

The Pony Express finally arrived into town today, delivering much need letters of encouragement from family and friends alike and alarming news of civil discord. I was so surprised that I nearly burnt the rhubarb cobbler simmering in the dutch oven. After I churned my own butter, I sold off our fine China made of porcelain, no need for that nonsense anymore under a 10-month long quarantine. I was able to barter for a new cutlery knife from the local general store since my old one was so dull it wouldn’t cut hot butter. After daily chores and 5 minutes of homeschool, the girls made corn husk dolls and the boys dipped candles for our lanterns.”

“We’ve resorted to hunting for our own nuts and berries in the wild brush.”

“A frontier woman poses by her frozen crop, destitution on her mind.”

“A frontier woman waits for her name to be drawn in the annual Hunger Games, held as a tradition of the dystopian era.”

“Good thing I am wearing a ruffled dress the color of cow dung, since there are no menfolk around in sight to help me with this manual labor.”

“The chime of the dinner bell rarely echoes on the homestead, as the social halls have closed and parlor games are about as unwelcome as a rattlesnake at a square dance. The only sound we hear now is the shrieking of our own souls when we look in a mirror.”